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We have been training techies since the very beginning – in the mid 80s!

We are supposed to use fancy words to tell you about our mission and vision. The truth is we believe in good people doing good work. Our scouts search beyond the horizon to find the hottest tech topics that are about to explode; we use our experience to build great hands-on, training programs with a legendary team of lecturers. That’s all there is to it. That’s why we have such a good reputation and why companies like Google, SAP, Checkpoint work with us, year after year.

You, the software and hardware engineers, are the ones that pave the tech-road leading us to the future. Our job is to give you the best tools, so you can do just that. Techies know.

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The lecturers

  • Ziv Serlin

    For the last ten years, has been involved in the definition and architecture of high-end products in the networking, communications and computer industries. Has worked as HW manager, System technical leader, High Speed Board designer and VLSI designer. Ziv has...
  • Rafi Givon

    Tech entrepreneur, CEO and founder of RTO Systems (specialist in specification, development and production of embedded systems, medical systems, IoT, control & communications systems for the hi-tech and security industries). Prior to RTO, 14 years f experience as an R&D...
  • Mati Nahson

    About 10 years of experience as a HW engineer, SW engineer, System engineer, team leader and project manager. Hardware-Software balance and integration. Design and development of programmable devices Proficiency in VHDL and C Thorough knowledge of Altera and Xilinx device...
  • Leon Bruckman

    Leon Bruckman is IP Light Vice-President for Systems Engineering. IP Light is a start-up company dealing with the edge of optical telecommunications. Leon has over 38 years of high-level technical work in multiple fields in Optical Telecommunications and Datacom. He...
  • Dr. David Movshovitz Application Security

    Ph.D. in Physics (Bar Ilan). Recipient of Israel’s Defense Prize for R&D work during military service. Uninterrupted industry experience as founder, VP R&D, CTO and VP Security since 1996 including, VP Technology @ salesforce, 7 yrs., CTO and Co-founder @...
  • Allon Herman

    Allon Herman has an experience of many years in the field of UNIX / Linux. He has been working as a freelance since 1992. Allon has worked with multiple leading Israeli and international organizations during his career like Orbotech (as...
  • Alex Umansky

    Worldwide leading PCI Express expert, active participant and contributor to PCI-SIG, CCIX and CXL consortiums. Co-author of PCI Express and CCIX specification, Member Founding Board of Directors CXL. Mr. Umansky serves as Logtel’s senior lecturer on PCI Express Gen1 to...