Training and courses

If there’s a tech topic, skill or knowledge you need – chances are we have it. Logtel has over 100 courses and training programs – some broad and some lesser focused, all catering to the needs of Tech/ICT companies, engineers, dev-ops and in general – techies.

All our teachers and lecturers come from the industry – directly connected to the industry’s pulse, understanding what matters and what not and making sure they deliver the relevant practical material.

We also offer open courses – that are open to the public. Some require prior knowledge, and some are suitable for participants with no tech background that are looking for a path into the tech industry.

Find the program that best fits you.

Consulting and Projects

We work with Tech companies and startup and support them in technology integration, change of programing platform, migration and more.

We bring our experts , invest in understanding what your needs are, execute the initial integration and train your teams to work with the new tools.

This allows you to implement and integrate new technologies fast with the confidence that your system people know how to work with it.


Catering to HR tech needs – from sourcing applicants , through training them and all the way to full outsourcing.


We deliver hundreds of lectures every year in technology forums, training days and office events.

Some of our more popular lectures include technological innovations in hardware, IoT and its influence on development interfaces, 5G, Autonomous mobility, emerging trends and more.

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