Price 1,014 ILS

Course Overview

The advanced automotive (Auto-tech) market is one of the most dynamic markets these days. Any stakeholder and involved entity should stay updated on market events and their implications. The ” Advanced Automotive Market Update ” seminar is aimed at addressing this specific need. The seminar will review last 6 months events and will provide its participants through analysis of the events and their short and long-term implications. Market trends and their progress will also be reviewed and analyzed. Seminar participants will take part in open analysis discussions regarding the various screened subjects and events.
The seminar will be conducted as a half day seminar. It will be presented as a series of frontal presentations and as mentioned will include open participants discussion.

Who should attend?

C level executives in related industries (CMOs, CTOs, R&D VPs, Product marketing VPs), Product marketing specialists, Product managers, System architects and System designers, marketing managers.

Course Outline:

Screened segments

The seminar will cover the following advanced automotive and mobility segments:
• General automotive market trends
• Vehicle connectivity and related communication aspects
• After market channels
• Vehicle telematics (fleet management, consumer telematics, insurance telematics, vehicle devices, diagnostics, other telematics)
• Vehicle Infotainment & applications
• Vehicle data
• In-vehicle computing and technologies
• ADAS & safety
• V2X communications
• Smart mobility
• Autonomous driving and related subjects
• Israeli market advanced automotive

Covered Domains

For each of the screened segment the following aspects will be reviewed
• Market trends and analysis
• Major events and implications
• Rising opportunities and threats
• Technology update
• Companies review
• Startups review
• Companies’ announcements review
• Regulatory review
• Standards and technical alliances review
• Related industries’ review