Start Date: 26/03/2024

Price 6,229 ILS


Course Overview

The main goal of the Cyber security course is to cover some fundamentals cyber security topic, to provide insights into the modern security environment, the cyber threat landscape and attacker mentality, including how attackers work, what tools they use, what vulnerabilities they target and what they’re really after

Who should attend?

High level Managers, Presale Managers, IT Managers, QA and Technical Support.


Basic Knowledge of IP Networking

Course Outline:

Day 1

1. Introduction to Cyber Security
2. Basics of Security Management
3. TCP/IP vulnerabilities
4. Introduction to Cryptography
5. MiTM challenge and confidentiality solutions
6. Inspection and interception Tool – Hands-on

Day 2

7. Firewall
8. IPTables Firewall
9. Network and Vulnerabilities Scanning
10. Kali Linux
11. Network Scanning – Hands-on Session
12. Services inspection – Hands-on
13. Firewall – Hands-on Session

Day 3

14. Certificates and Authentication process
15. Penetration Testing
16. Network Penetration – Hands-on Session
17. Wireless Network penetration- Hand-on Session
18. Security Summary
19. Summary