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Course Overview

This course provides a system-level understanding of power and
thermal issues related to designing with the Versal® ACAP.
The emphasis of this course is on:
▪ Estimating power using power analysis
▪ Managing thermal design
▪ Understanding Versal device packaging
▪ Using the Versal PCB Schematic Checklist for accelerating PCB
What’s New for 2021.2
▪ All labs have been updated to the latest software versions
Level – ACAP 2
Course Details
▪ 1 day ILT or 8 hours OnDemand
▪ 7 lectures
▪ 2 labs
Course Part Number – ACAP-POWER-BD
Who Should Attend? – Hardware designers and system architects
wanting to develop an effective power distribution network for the Versal
▪ Designing with the Versal ACAP: Architecture and Methodology
▪ Familiarity with the Vivado® Design Suite
Software Tools
▪ Vivado Design Suite 2021.2
▪ XPE for the Versal ACAP devices
▪ Architecture: Xilinx Versal ACAPs
After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the
necessary skills to:
▪ Design an efficient power distribution network for a Versal ACAP
▪ Leverage the Vivado Design Suite XPE tool for power estimation
▪ Dynamically manage power consumption

Course Outline:

Day 1
▪ Versal ACAP Architecture Overview for Existing Xilinx Users
Introduces to students that already have familiarity with Xilinx
architectures the new and updated features found in the Versal
ACAP devices. {Lecture}
▪ Power and Thermal Solutions Overview
Introduces key power and thermal concepts and explores some of
capabilities of the Versal ACAP devices and introduces the power
distribution network flow. {Lecture, Lab, Demo}
▪ Packaging and Power Integrity
Describes key elements when modeling a PDN and dives deeper
into packaging considerations. {Lecture}
▪ Power Management
Discusses power domains and how they can be controlled along
with basic techniques used to lower overall power consumption.
▪ Power Supply Backgrounder
Reviews linear and switching power supplies and common terms
used to specify power supply characteristics. {Lecture}
▪ Designing the Power Supply
Consolidates the thermal management concepts of the course for
achieving a successful design. {Lecture}
▪ PCB Design Verification – Versal ACAP Schematic Checklist
Reviews PCB design verification using the Schematic Checklist.
{Lecture, Lab}