Price 4,228 ILS


Course Overview

A course that is tailored for managers wanting improvement in devops fields.
Project management and Devops are correlated together today. In this seminar we will talk about the project components that should be automated in order to reduce TTM and improve agility and introduces the tools for doing it.
The Seminar will have both lectures and interactive sessions (+ Demos) with the students.


Software Engineers
Project Managers
Team leaders
Recommended for organizations moving to Devops, or starting using it.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction (2h)
• Introduction to DevOps, CI – CD, Software Methodologies (+ Agile).
• Necessities of Agile in Software companies
• Problems that Devops Solves
– Organization culture
– Organization pains
– Identifying waste
– Case studies

2. Transition to Devops (3h)
• Change Culture, Being psychologist (dealing with Devops objections)
• New  organizational structures
• Reduce release time
• Pros and cons

3. Devops Start (9h)
• Starting with Devops
• The devops Tool Categories
– Planning and Architecture
– Issue Tracking
– Demo: Jira
– Monitoring
– Demo: Grafana
– Configuration Management
– Demo: Chef
– Source control
– Demo: Git
– Dev Environments
– Demo: Jenkins
– Deployment
– Demo: Docker

• Continuous delivery
– Discussion about artifacts and container
• Continuous Integration
– Discussion about testing inside pipelines.
– Unit tests, UI Tests, SCA, code review4. Demos Information (Internal)
: issue tracking, reports, planning poker,
Grafana: Alerts, notifications, Slack, PagerDuty,
Chef: Terminology, configurations, recipes,
Git : Configurations, Source code management, branching, UI tools, commands, DVCS vs. CVCS,
Jenkins: Configurations, jobs, QA, pipelines, connection to GIT, Maven, MSBuild
Docker: Configurations, dockerfiles, connection to Jenkins