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Course Overview

The course provides the core theoretical knowledge that describes all the issues of GSM/UMTS telephony with focusing on roaming service.
The course starts on a comprehensive detailed SS7 signaling chapter, focusing in the SCCP/TCAP protocols, which are essential for the GSM operation especially roaming service. Main GSM/UMTS procedures will be covered in the course from power-on of the mobile to call originating and terminating, in the visited network (roaming). A special attention will be provided to the roaming calls scenarios including SS7 messages and transactions between visited to home networks. The course will also deal with the international operators supporting roaming and international SMS exchange, GSMA standards, Roaming billing and operational processes between operators around Roaming service.

Who should attend?

The course is for participants with a basic wireless knowledge. The diverse nature of this course makes it suitable for beginners in various disciplines of the wireless industry, including those in project management, sales, marketing, finance, system design, system test, systems and network engineering, product support and operations.


GSM / UMTS overview courses.

Course Outline:

1. SS#7 Signaling foundation protocol refresher (SCCP focused)

  • SS7 architecture
  • CCS#7 MTP – Message Transfer Part
    • Layer 1&2 functions – The physical layer & Data link layer
      • MTP layer 2 MSU format
    • Layer 3 – The Routing functions
      • MTP layer 3 message format
      • Point codes addressing
  • The STP architecture and functions
  • The CCS7 message categories
  • ISUP Protocol
    • ISUP message format
    • ISUP call setup scenarios
    • Link by link call setup
  • SCCP – Signaling Connection Control Part
    • Architecture of SCCP layer
    • SCCP modes
    • SCCP message classes  
    • Global Title Translation process GT
    • Structure of GT in SCCP
    • SCCP message format
    • SCCP messages
    • SCCP protocol parameters
    • SCCP segmentation
  • MTP routing vs. SCCP routing
  • TCAP – Transaction Capabilities Application Part functions
    • TCAP concepts & functions
    • TCAP message format
    • TCAP transactions
    • Uses of TCAP in Telecommunications


2. Roaming Service operation

  • Types of Roaming
  • Inter PLN roaming
  • Regional national roaming
  • Searching a network abroad
    • RAT selection
    • PLMN selection
  • Contacting the visited network VLR
  • Visited network & HPLMN HLR transactions
  • MAP messages routing to HPLMN HLR using GT
  • Mobile security while roaming – Authentication, Ciphering & Integrity
  • Roamer subscriber call scenarios
    • Local call abroad
    • International call in visited network
    • A call to a roaming subscriber
  • Voice connections international calls
  • ISUP protocol implementation & messages routing
  • Dual IMSI option
  • GPRS Roaming options
    • ISP roaming
    • PLMN roaming
  • International operation and relationships
    • International SCCP Gateway Service to support Roaming
    • Inter-standard SMS Interworking Service
    • Roaming billing and Data cleaning
    • Roaming agreements
    • International SMS Hubs & Roaming SMS
    • GSMA Roaming standards and documentation

3. Summary