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Course Overview

This course is a thorough review of the AV1 new video coding standard.  The course explores the new standard, it various characteristics and the main motivations and reasons for the creation of these characteristics. The course includes hands on experience using an AV1 compressor, associated with processing result analysis, features effects and understanding of the bitstream structure and headers.
During the course participants will acquire AV1 technical understanding as well as real work experience in AV1 coding and video analysis

Who should attend?

Project manager and engineers who are required to work or integrate with AV1 compressors.


Video compression understanding (H264 preferred)

Course Outline:

1. Current and future video trends
• Higher Resolution Screens (8K / 4K)
• Wide color gamut, high contrast TV (10, 12 bpp)
• Demanding Applications 360 / VR
• Better CPU / GPU / Parallelization
• Screen Compression, Low Delay

2. AV1 landscape
• AV1 Predecessors and competitors
• Royalty issues

3. AV1 overview and major features (tools
• Block diagram
• Chroma from Luma
• More Intra Prediction
• Multi-symbol Arithmetic Range Coder
• Dynamic Reference Motion Vector Prediction
• More transforms – ADST, Flipped (reverse) ADST

4. AV1 Hands On
• Getting the source code, compilation, encoding/decoding, playback
• Configuration: controlling different coding options
• Comparison: Automatic comparison
• quality/performance tradeoffs

5. Packaging
• Transport stream
• Containers

6. Summary
• Full Codec Review
• Codec Roadmap