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Course Overview

The course reviews some of the key concepts that will shape the next generation of mobile systems – the 5G
5G standard, to be ready by 2020, is not only about new radio technologies, but also network architecture revolutions providing a full convergence of mobile network and Internet industries. It is single end-to-end protocol standard for the future mobile Internet!
The course reviews the 5G cutting-edge technologies and architecture like heterogeneous networks, device-to-device communications and others, as well as looks at 5G Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and virtualization methods like SDN and NFV.
The course also deals with the 5G major challenge of integrating technologies and concepts that were separately developed, into one network.

Who should attend?

Service providers, Network Equipment vendors, Value-added services developers, Regulators, Entrepreneurs and Everyone who seeks to better understand where the mobile Internet industry is heading


Basic telecom knowledge.

Course Outline:

1. 5G vision and approach overview
• 5G Challenges requirements
– The Network slicing concept
– interoperability and scalability
– Intelligent Connections
– D2D Communications
– E2E Security and  law enforcement requirements
• IMT2020 vision, roadmap and standardization activity

2. IoT
• IoT vertical applications review
• Alternative technology solutions: LoRa, NB-IoT, Sigfox
• Addressing different  IoT services profile by 5G network architecture and performance
• Data Analytics
• IoT security challenges and solutions

3. Virtualization
• SDN – Software Defined Networking
– The SDN concept
– SDN Controller

– The Northbound and Southbound APIs
– OpFlex and other controllers

– OpenFlow protocol
• NFV – network functions virtualization
– VNF – Virtualized Network Functions  – network function SW implementation
– NFVI – NFV Infrastructure  – The physical resources (compute, storage, network) and the virtual instantiations that make up the infrastructure

– NFV MANO – Management and Orchestration
– OPNFV  – Linux Foundation  NFV Open Platform
– General NFV Solutions
• SDS – SW Defined Security and security virtualization
– RRH (BBU) – Remote Radio Head (Baseband Unit)4. HetNets 2020
• Core based / RAN based HetNets concept
• ANDSF (Access Network Discovery and Selection Function)  and PCRF5. Management  and  Orchestration for 5G Networks
• Distributed Vs. Centralized Network architecture Management
• SON – Self Organized Network
• Cloud Orchestration Platform (e.g. OpenStack and Ryu controller)6. ICN – Information Centric Networking
• The ICN concept
• Novel topologies to support edge-based storage and computing
• NDN  – Named Data Networking and CCN – Content Centric Network
• Security Aspects7. Summary