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Course Overview

Machine learning are a set of tools which enables computers to solve problems that are considered in the human domain such as: name a person by an Image, classify fruits, “understand text”, decide if a person would like a movie and so on. This is an course introduce the concepts of machine learning, the problem sets it can solve, basic algorithms and tools as well as hands–on experience with working with those algorithms


Basic programming skills in Python, C, Java or other languages


Understand the problem set solved by machine learning as well as the algorithms and methods used by machine learning. Hands-on experience in using ML tools

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to machine learning

• Why we need it
• What it can and can’t do
• Limitations – Heuristics – not really smart
• Supervised and unsupervised methods

2. Intro to working environment: Python with numpy  & scipy

3. Machine learning algorithms

4. Short review and hands-on programming exercise for each

• Naïve base
• Decision trees
• Regression (linear prediction)
• Outliers extractions
• Feature scaling

5. Whats next?

• Machine learning platforms by Apache, Matlab, Amazon

6. Examples – well select one example according to student preferences

• Machine learning and classification in communication and DPI
• Machine learning in advertisement optimization
• Machine learning in Image processing