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Course Overview

This course focuses on VoLTE detailed service scenarios and protocols

Who should attend?

Everyone that want to have a HL understanding of the VoLTE and the services flows


Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:
• Understated why do we need VoLTE
• Become familiar with 3GPP IMS protocol enhancements for Voice and Video
• Get Hands-on knowledge of IP based protocols used in VoLTE (SIP, SDP, RTP/RTCP, MSRP and Diameter)
• Understand the real challenges on developing and deploying VoLTE


The course includes these topics:
• IMS Protocols
• IMS Rich Telephony Protocols
• End to end VoLTE flows

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to LTE (HL and base line on LTE) – 1.5 H
• Why do we need LTE
• LTE architecture and components
• Policies and QoS (PCRF/PCEF)

2. Introduction to IMS (HL and base line on IMS) – 1.5 H
• Why do we need IMS
• IMS architecture and components
• HL voice flow LTE&IMS

3. SIP recap – (HL and base line on IMS) – 1 H

4. Introduction to VoLTE – 1H
• Why do we need VoLTE
• Different approaches in the market (SCFB, SVLTE)
• VoLTE services
• HL voLTE call flows
• Handoff/handover
• Softphone/softclient

5. VoLTE detailed services flows – 2 H
• Originating and terminating HL flows
• CFx (CFU, CFB,etc.)
• Conference (N-Way calls)

6. VoLTE provisioning – 1H
• Operator provisioning
• Self-provisioning
• Migration from network to network