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Course Overview

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WebRTC is a new technology with a potential to disrupt telecommunications and bring with it creativity and innovation. This course provides an introduction of WebRTC, touching it from both technical as well as business sides; providing a broad overview about what WebRTC is, its disruption potential and the ecosystem created around it and its key players.

Who should attend?

Product managers,Project managers and project leaders,Developers


Gain basic understanding of WebRTC
• Understand the ecosystem around WebRTC

Course Outline:

1. What is (and isn’t WebRTC)

  • History of WebRTC
  • The WebRTC specification
  • Browser support
  • Mobile and WebRTC

2. How does WebRTC compare to other VoIP protocols?

  • Anatomy of a VoIP solution
  • SIP versus WebRTC
  • XMPP or SIP signaling for WebRTC?
  • Interoperability with legacy VoIP deployments

3. WebRTC in the non-VoIP world

  • Peer assisted content delivery
  • Low latency messaging
  • Secure search and browsing
  • Gaming and WebRTC

4. Market forces around WebRTC

  • Enterprise vs the Web
  • The WebRTC codec wars
  • To federate or not to federate?
  • Telecom and WebRTC


5. The WebRTC ecosystem

  • 5 archetypes of WebRTC vendors
  • Real-world use cases

6. Wrap-up and Q&A