Price 7,680 ILS


Course Overview

This course comes to provide developers with no or little knowledge in iOS up to speed with iPhone and iPad applications development.
Through this course we will get familiar with iOS frameworks and APIs and will be able to build complex applications from scratch utilizing navigations, animations, server communication, persistency and more.

Who should attend?

This course is for developers who wish to create iPhone or iPad applications from scratch and have little or zero experience in iOS development.


Experience in development in at least one object oriented language (C++, java, etc).
Or C programming experience with basic understanding of the principles of object oriented programming (will be very briefly reviewed)

Course Outline:

Day 1
1. Introduction to iOS and Cocoa Touch
2. iOS Frameworks overview
3. Tools introduction – Xcode and InterfaceBuilder
4. Online building simple app – hands-on
5. Objective-C syntax, usage & best practice

Day 2
6. Foundation Classes

  • (NSDictionary, NSArray, NSMutable Array…)

7. Memory Management

  • Alloc, release, auto release, ARC

8. Building User Interface

  • UI Controls, Target-Action and MVC design pattern
  • Interface Builder, IBOutlets & IBActions Delegates

Day 3
9. UIView

  • UIView Class – defining and using views in iOS
  • Quartz Drawing – custom drawings

10. UITableView

  • How to add a TableView
  • Working with cached cells
  • Customizing the table view
  • Using built-in cell types
  • Understanding accessory types
  • Creating custom cells

Day 4
11. Multi view applications & Navigation types

  • Adding subviews to existing views
  • Building Multi-View Applications with UI Navigation
  • Building Multi-View Applications with Tab bar controller


12. Data Management

  • Working with Property list
  • Saving data to NSUserDefaults
  • Persistency using NSArchiver & NSUnarchiver

Day 5
13. Application states & appDelegate methods – what happens when an app is in background
14. Connect your app to the internet – nsurl connection
15. Working with notification center
16. Working with App Store – uploading new app and updates. Allowing testers to install an application
17. List of subjects we didn’t cover

18. Summary