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Course Overview

The proposed seminar will describe a comprehensive picture of the IOT world and cover key technologies, key markets, vertical industries, technology and market trends, Market drivers, market forecasts, value chain and key stakeholders. The seminar will also deal with the different challenges faced by the industry. Main attention will also be given to the range of current and future applications.
The seminar will be presented as a series of frontal presentations which will employ examples and case studies of both products and business issues.

This Training is delivered as live on-line training, tacking advantage of the E-Learning Technology:
– Everywhere, every time, from you office/home
– ½ day session: No need to stop your project
– No travel expense & time

Who should attend?

C level executives in related industries (CMOs, CTOs, R&D VPs, Product marketing VPs),Product marketing specialists, Product managers, System architects and System designers, marketing managers


Basic technological understanding

  • Basic communication and network knowledge


Relevant industries

Communications, Mobile communications, Cloud services, Big data, Processers and chip designers, Mobile and RF equipment vendors, Sensors developers, Cyber security, SCADA systems and manufacturing automation, control systems, Automotive services, Intelligent transportation systems, Energy, Relevant governmental and municipal agencies

Course Outline:

Session 1

1. IOT introduction  

• Opening – IOT visionary world
• Historical review
• From M2M to IOT – what makes the difference
• Basic topologies and communication methods
• Main stakeholders

2. IOT as a multi-industry market

• A snapshot to evolving range of application
• Main present areas of activity
– Asset tracking
– Automotive
– Smart Grid & smart metering
– Production floors communications
– Remote healthcare
• Integrated concepts towards the future
– Smart home
– Smart Cities


Session 2

3. Technology and infrastructure review

• Major means of communications
• M2M/IOT Hardware
• GNSS and non-satellite location technologies
• IOT platforms
• Cloud & back office integration
• Big data
• Broadband IOT
• Influencing standards

4. IOT market 

IOT and mobile service providers
• Value chain
• Pointing out – Major players review
• Market challenges
• Trends, opportunists and threats
• Market forecasts
• Market news (few recent interesting events and implications)
• Information resources

5. Summary

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