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Course Overview

The growth and central role of the Internet of Things in the technology world is already a fact.
IoT is bringing the network to the real physical aspects of our live: our cars, utilities, homes, cities, industries and more…
With such influence IoT security is becoming a main concern and an enabler for the whole industry feasibility.
Must be a concern to every IoT stakeholder from developers to service providers to customers and end users.
Logtel’s IoT security seminar is aimed at this challenge. It is a one-day lucrative seminar focused on bringing IoT security basics to IoT professionals.
The seminar will allow managers, planners and developers wide understanding of the IoT security landscape and will give participants the tools and knowledge to develop and supply IoT security solutions.

Course Outline:

IoT – Top Ten Security Issues
Discover and learn the IoT top ten security issues, defined by the OWASP organization. Including real examples and recommended mitigations. The top ten includes the cloud side (API and web interface), the client side (mobile / physical security) and general concerns (privacy, transport layer encryption etc.)

SDL (Secure Development Lifecycle) in IoT products
Security assurance for delivered devices and patching management opened a new area for the SDL world. Find out new Tips & Tricks for SDL implementation in IoT products. Secure lifecycle is the first step in keeping the product optimally secure. Besides that, in delivered devices, fixing vulnerabilities is much more expensive and sometimes almost impossible.
Security Architecture in IoT
Secure architecture is not just the solutions for known issues, it is also how to plant a smart basis to allow future security upgrades. Learn about security considerations such as implementing device ID initialization, encryption, pairing and load distribution between the end-devices, mobile and the cloud.
Legal issues in IoT products.

Smart connected devices are shipped all over the world. Learn about legal issues on topics such as privacy and working inside client’s network. Knowing the legal considerations in advance saves a lot of time later, and also might be the thin line between a successful product and a huge lawsuit.

Security Consideration of Verticals
The connected device world is so wide, there are different problems for different verticals, and different approaches to handling the same problem depending on the vertical.
Every vertical has its unique set of security challenges and the optimal solution suitable to its vertical.
Find out other topics that are relevant to your industry and learn how professionals in other industries solve similar problems.

Case study in IoT security
Hear the issues, considerations, mitigations, and a life-story of an IoT product from one of companies in the industry. The requirements of the different teams, including product management and the security advisors.
A case study is a chance to hear end to end, the whole product story, problems, doubts, and successful decisions.