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Course Overview

The “Location Based Services” (LBS) seminar will describe a comprehensive picture of the LBS world and cover key technologies, key markets, vertical industries, applications, solutions, value chain and key stakeholders. The seminar will also deal with the different challenges faced by the industry. Main attention will also be given to the range of current and future applications. The seminar will not cover military technologies and applications.
The seminar will be conducted as a full day seminar. It will be presented as a series of frontal presentations associated with participants’ activities such as case study analysis and industry challenges simulations of both products and business issues.

Who should attend?

מובילי דרך ומקבלי החלטות בתחומים הרלוונטיים: מנכ”לים, סמנכ”לים, מנהלי פיתוח, מנהלי שיווק מוצר, מתמחים בשיווק מוצר, מנהלי מוצר, ארכיטקטים של מערכות, מעצבי מערכות ומנהלי שיווק.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Location based services
• History of location based services
• Basic terms
• Different location environments
• Location methods
• LBS focused markets and applications
• Supply chains and main stakeholders
• LBS markets and main players
• Cyber security aspects

2. Location Technologies overview
• Satellite based location methods (GNSS)
• Available GNSS networks (currently and in the future)
• GNSS Assistance systems
• GNSS local systems
• Non Satellite location technologies
• Basic LBS SW features
• Accuracy – challenges & solutions
• In-door location & navigation
• Beacons and Physical web (IBeacon, Eddystone …..)
• LPWANs location services
• Devices and appliances
• Advanced data analysis and big data

3. Mapping and Navigation
• Map types
• Past and future PNDs
• Navigation
• Advanced mapping and navigation
• Indoor navigation
• Business models

4. Location focused services and applications:
• Mobile search/MLS
• Traffic and road conditions
• Social networking
• Asset tracking
• Personal tracking
• E-Call & emergency solutions
• Vehicle tracking / vehicle Telematics
• Mobile work force management
• Connected car related services
• Location based use in different areas (non location centric)5. Location based Commerce  & advertising
• Retail IOT
• Mobile advertising
• Mobile ad networks
• Campaign types
• Logistics6. Developing location based services
• Common APIs & SDKs
• Tools
• Testing LBS solutions

7. Summary and conclusion