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Course Overview

This two-day course shows attendees how to analyze signals and design signal processing systems using MATLAB® and Signal Processing Toolbox™. Parts of the course will also use Filter Design Toolbox™.
Topics include:

  • Signal Creation and Time Analysis
  • Spectral Analysis and Multirate Signals
  • Filter Design and Analysis
  • Signal Creation and Management
  • Signal Processing and Analysis


MATLAB Fundamentals or equivalent experience using MATLAB, and a good understanding of signal processing theory, including linear systems, spectral analysis, and filter design.

Course Outline:

1. Matlab SP Toolbox – Signal Creation and Time Analysis


    • Random Signals


    • Graphical Analysis


    • Statistical Analysis


  • Periodic Waveforms

2. Matlab SP Toolbox – Spectral Analysis and Multirate Signals


    • Fourier Transform


    • Spectral Analysis


  • Multirate Signal Processing

3. Matlab SP Toolbox – Filter Design and Analysis


    • Filter Design


    • Filter Analysis


  • Filtering


4. Simulink SP Blockset – Signal Creation and Management

  • Signal Sources
  • Sample versus Frame-Based
  • Inspecting rates
  • Signal Management Tools
  • Simulink Scope

5. Simulink SP Blockset – Signal Processing and Analysis

  • Filters
  • Vector Scope
  • Spectrum Scope
  • PSD
  • Statistical Tools

6. Simulink CM Blockset – Introduction