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Course Overview

The Smartphone today is vulnerable and open to many potential attacks. In many cases organizations implement the BYOD while employees may download various applications that some of them may include malicious software, malware and viruses. These threats may cause tremendous damage to companies.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for IT managers


Knowledge of IP, SIP and basic networking.

Course Outline:

1. Security Threats
• Security Criterias
• External and Internal threats
• Classic Threat Models

2. Security building blocks
• FW, NAC and SBC
• IDS and IPS
• MDM versus Container

3. Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• The concept of MDM
• Mobile Information Management (MIM)
• Geolocation concept
• Mobile Application Behavioral Analysis

4. Encryption methods for mobile clients
• Public and Private keys
• Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption keys
• DES and Triple DES

5. Encryption protocols for mobile clients
• VPN and IPsec
• Media encryption- SRTP

6. Secured Telephony Clients for Mobile devices
• SIP Client
• Protection against MIM: Encryption

7. Authentication by secured client
• HTTP digest authentication
• Lightweight scheme for authentication
• Authentication Challenges

8. Containers for mobile devices
• The challenges
• Container concept
• Protection methods
• Mails and Messages encryption9. Session Border Controller (SBC)
• NAT Traversal and FW penetration
• Encryption functionality – TLS, SRTP, SDES, ZRTP, DTLS
• Lawful interception
• DoS and DDoS immunity
• Deep Packet Inspection (DPI at all layers)

10. Summary                                                       
• MLP- Multi-Layered-Protection concept
• Vendors for Mobile protection
• Penetration Tests