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Course Overview

This course illustrates the complexity and diversity of the mobile payments market. In particular it highlights the different approaches between developed nations focusing on solutions utilizing existing banking infrastructures and developing nations currently implementing more proprietary MNO driven solutions. During the course, key challenges to market development are explained. The course is therefore of particular value to anyone wanting to obtain a high level picture of the present market state.

Who should attend?

R & D and marketing staff from companies working in the cellular industry.


Basic knowledge of cellular technology.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction

2. Mobile Commerce Marketplace

  • Environmental Scan
  • Three waves in mobile financial services
    • Mobile Banking
    • Mobile Payments
    • Mobile Marketing

3. Evaluation of the Technical Channels Available on the Mobile Phone

  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Mobile Browser
  • NFC
  • Proprietary Software Applications
  • Motivations and positions taken by wireless carriers


4. Mobile payments fundamentals

  • Funding Source
  • Access Technology
  • Access Tokens

5. Stakeholder Perspectives

  • Consumers
  • Payment Card Associations
  • Mobile Carriers
  • Mobile Phone Manufacturers
  • POS Device Manufacturers

6. Emergence, Growth and Threat of Contactless Payments

7. Summary