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Course Overview

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, SDH, standardized the way information is multiplexed and transmitted in today’s optical transport networks. This course will teach how data/Ethernet is carried efficiently over SDH. This course will also teach the more advanced SDH topics, including: how to track who is responsible for any signal degradation as the traffic crosses through independent networks; the various line, sub-network and path protection options; and various extensions added to the SDH protocol. Additional topics that will be explained on a basic level will be: the packet protocols for transport such as MPLS, T-MPLS, PBB and PWE3; the new management protocols GMPLS and ASON; and a quick look at DWDM and the Optical Transport Network or OTN with range extending FEC. Finally the course will review the technologies competing for the Packet Optical Transport Market


This course is a continuation of the course Introduction to SDH and assumes that the student has taken the introductory course and is familiar with the basics of PDH and SDH.

Course Outline:

1. General SDH Review:

  • STS-1 Frame; STM-1 Frame
  • Low-Order /High-Order Multiplexing
    • KLM Numbering Scheme
    • Contiguous Concatenation

2. Data/Ethernet Over SDH

  • Packet Over SDH/Sonet (POS)
  • GFP/VCAT/LCAS Virtual Concatenation HO/LO:
    • Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme
    • Generic Frame Procedure
    • Generic Framing Format: GFP-F/GFP-T

3. Tandem Connection Monitoring

  • High Order TCM – N1 Byte extensions
  • Low Order TCM – N2 Byte extensions

4. Protection Options:

  • Line Protection/MS-SPRing
  • Sub-Network Protection – SNCP
  • Automatic Protection Switch Protocol


5. Packet Transport Protocols

  • Layer 1 vs. Layer 2 Transport
  • RPR vs. MPLS
  • T-MPLS vs. PBB/PBT
  • Packet over TDM vs. TDM over Packet – PWE3

6. Management Protocols

  • DCC: ISO vs. OSPF
  • GMPLS and ASON

7. 2.5 Gbps and beyond

  • Black & White vs. DWDM/CWDM
  • Optical Transport Network
  • Multi-service capability
  • FEC for Extended Reach

8. The Packet Optical Transport Market

  • Ethernet over WDM
  • Carrier Ethernet Switches and Routers

9. Summary

10. Glossary