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Course Overview

Open source tools are available to all but often forgotten.  This course presents a wide range of open source tools in a variety of different areas: including office tools, knowledge systems, web, database, learning systems, mathematics and testing. Participants have the opportunity to work with the tools.

Who should attend?

This course is of benefit to everyone.



Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Open Source
• What is open source
• History of open source
• Types of license
• Linux
• A brief overview
• Advantages and disadvantages

2. Open Office
• Open office
• Publishing tools such as LaTeX
• PDF Creator (English)

3. Knowledge systems
• Wikipedia

4. The Web
• Content Management Systems (CMS)
• Managing websites
• Drupal
• Discussion boards
• Blogs
• Messaging
• Mozilla Firefox
• Thunderbird email client
• Apache web server

5. Database

6. Learning Management Systems
• What is an LMS
• The use in online education
• Moodle

7. Numerical Computations
• Not just Matlab
• GNU Octave
• Scilab

8. Development and testing
• Perl
• Java open source testing
• Web application testing

9. Summary