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Course Overview

By 2015, 380 million people will be viewing internet based TV via connected TV’s, game consoles, Apple and Google like STB’s and other connected devices.
Many have already boarded the OTT-TV train. Don’t be left behind! In the following course we will explore OTT-TV principles, architecture and trends; how to build an OTT-TV solution and what are the challenges within. We will also explore leading solutions and vendors from all around the globe and learn about their story of success!

On-line Training

This Training is delivered as live on-line training, tacking advantage of the E-Learning Technology:
– Everywhere, every time, from you office/home
– ½ day session: No need to stop your project
– No travel expense & time

Who should attend?

Engineers, Marketing Personnel, Product Managers, Technical & Marketing Managers and everyone who wishes to enter the OTT-TV world.

Course Outline:

Session 1

  1. Overview
  • The YouTube Evolution
  • Netflix Model
  • What allowed OTT
  • OTT vs. IPTV
  • Cord-cutters
  • Who’s Involved: from operators to social networks
  1. OTT principles
  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • Multi screen
  • Personalization, recommendation and social
  • New business models
  • New world of ads

Session 2

  1. OTT Architecture
  • Content Preparation – Ingestion, Transcoding, QC, Subtitling, DRM, Distribution
  • DRM – Google Widevine, MS Playready, Adobe access, Token based authentication, RTMPE
  • CMS – asset management, catalog management, user management, business models
  • CDN – architecture, types
  • STB and other devices – Game Console, Connected TV ,Smartphones, Tablets
  • Leading vendors
  1. Protocols and Codecs
  • Leading codecs (H.264 etc.)
  • PDL vs. RTP
  • Protocols (HLS, Smooth streaming, Dash)
  • Standards (Ultraviolet etc.)


Session 3
  1. Challenges
  • Non-Managed network
  • Home Network (emule and PLC)
  • Bandwidth Caps
  1. OTT & The Cloud
  2. HTML5
  • Hybrid models
  • IPTV/Cable/Satellite & OTT
  • DTT & OTT (UK freeview and BBC iPlayer)

Session 4

  1. Future trends
  • The end of linear channels
  • NUI
  • Filters
  • Social
  • Gaming
  • The new studios
  1. Case studies
  • Google TV
  • Boxee
  • Comcast Xfinity
  1. Conclusion