Start Date: 12/07/2023

Price 4,228 ILS


Course Overview

This Course gives basic data of Radio Frequency system parts.

Students learn some main parameters of RF Systems.

Who should attend?

People who work nearby RF systems or people who intend to manage projects which include RF parts.


In General, no previous knowledge is needed however it is recommended that:

  • Students will have some knowledge in Physics and Mathematics
  • All students will have same technical education background if any.

Course Outline:

 1. Introduction

1.1 General

1.2 The Communication Link

1.3 Use Examples


2. Some RF Math Tools & RF Equipment

2.1 A to D Conversion

2.2 D to A Conversion

2.3 Coherency

2.3 Fourier Transform

2.4 OFDM Technology

2.5 Antenna Technologies: Dipole, Dish, Phased Array, MIMO,

Mono-Pulse  &  Interferometer Direction Finders.

2.6 RF Receivers & RF Transmitters


3. Wave Propagation

3.1 Free space and high Elevation angles Propagation Model

3.2 Terrain effects on Propagation Model at low Elevation angles

3.3 Max Line of Sight

3.4 The Radar Equation

3.5 The Doppler Effect

3.6 OKUMURA – HATA Propagation Model


4. Simplified RF Systems Block diagrams

4.1 Cellular Communication System

4.2 Air Defense System

4.3 Communication Electronic-Warfare   System


5. Summary