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Course Overview

This course focuses on VoLTE detailed service scenarios and protocols.

Who should attend?

Everyone that wants to have an advance understanding of VoLTE, the services flows and deployment challenges.


Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:
• Understated why do we need VoLTE
• Become familiar with 3GPP IMS protocol enhancements for Voice and Video
• Get Hands-on knowledge of IP based protocols used in VoLTE (SIP, SDP, RTP/RTCP, MSRP and Diameter)
• Understand the real challenges on developing and deploying VoLTE


The course includes these topics:
• IMS Protocols
• IMS Rich Telephony Protocols
• End to end VoLTE flows including handoffs and QoS

Course Outline:

1. LTE recap (base line on LTE) – 0.5 H
• LTE architecture and components
• Policies and QoS (PCRF/PCEF)
• Roaming and handoff/handover

2. IMS and SIP recap (base line on IMS) – 1 H
• IMS architecture and components
• HL voice flow LTE&IMS

3. Introduction to VoLTE – 1H
• Why do we need VoLTE
• Different approaches in the market (SCFB, SVLTE)
• VoLTE services
• HL voLTE call flows
• Handoff/handover (VCC, SCC and SRVCC)
• Softphone/soft-client

4. VoLTE detailed services flows – 2.5 H
• Originating and terminating HL flows
• CFx (CFU, CFB,etc.)
• Conference (N-Way calls)

5. VoLTE provisioning – 1H
• Operator provisioning
• Self-provisioning
• Migration from network to network

6. Advance challenges – 2H
• TCP or UDP
• HSS usage
• 3G compatibility (HLR/VLR and handoff)
• Low Enforcement
• Provision during roaming
• WiFi handoff
• Emergency services