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Course Overview

WebRTC is a new technology with a potential to disrupt telecommunications and bring with it creativity and innovation. This course provides developers with insights about the WebRTC protocol, its APIs and the tools surrounding the development of communication services.
This course is a parallel course to Course No. 1312 (Introduction to WebRTC). While they share basic material, this course does not touch the business aspects of WebRTC, but rather focuses on development related issues.

Who should attend?

Project managers and project leaders,Developers


Gain basic understanding of WebRTC
• Learn how WebRTC works and how to use its APIs
• Understand the various options to WebRTC development

Course Outline:

1. What is (and isn’t) WebRTC

  • History of WebRTC
  • The WebRTC specification
  • Browser support
  • Mobile and WebRTC
  • Anatomy of a VoIP solution

2. Premier to Browser Networking

  • Network protocols: TCP, UDP, TLS and DTLS
  • Introduction to HTTP
  • XHR, SSE and WebSockets
  • The web specification: HTML5, CSS and JS

3. Connecting a WebRTC Session

  • Basic flow
  • NAT traversal in WebRTC
  • Signaling options for WebRTC

4. The WebRTC APIs

  • Get User Media
  • Peer Connection
  • Data Channel

5. Codecs in WebRTC

  • Codecs 101
  • Voice in WebRTC
  • Video in WebRTC


6. Development and deployment alternatives

  • NIH
  • SaaS
  • API platform
  • VoIP ecosystem

7. Code walkthrough: Simple app

  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Building a Node.js application

8. Code walkthrough: Peer Connection pipeline
Reading from a file
Using WebGL
Using WebAudio

9. Introduction to WebRTC SaaS API platforms

  • Platform availability
  • Requirements gathering
  • KPIs and vendor selection

10. Advanced issues with WebRTC

  • Monitoring, debugging and troubleshooting
  • Geolocation
  • Cloud, virtualization and media latency

11. Wrap-up and Q&A