Price 1,014 ILS

Course Overview

The ” Advanced Safety Technologies and Autonomous driving ” half a day seminar is a thorough review of advanced automotive safety products and markets starting with basic safety solutions towards the ultimate goal of autonomous driving. The seminar also reviews autonomous vehicles technologies and current market development in this area. This seminar is tailored specifically to allow its participants a full understand of the safety, ADAS and autonomous products and markets. The focus of the seminar will be at the functional & product levels, technology issues will be briefly screened.
The seminar will be conducted as a half day seminar. It will be presented as a series of frontal presentations.

Who should attend?

C level executives in related industries (CMOs, CTOs, R&D VPs, Product marketing VPs), Product marketing specialists, Product managers, System architects and System designers, marketing managers

Course Outline:

Part 1 – Introduction to Advanced Automotive
• Advanced automotive basics
• Advanced automotive technologies
• Application range
• ECO system

Part 2 – Telematics Based Safety Solutions
• Vehicle telematics basics
• Driver behavior technologies
• Advanced telematics based safety solutions (E-Call, accident reconstruction…)
• Insurance telematics
• Market view – trends, major players and prominent solutions

Part 3 – Vehicle HMI & Driver Distraction 
• Infotainment basics
• Vehicle HMI & safety HMI rules
• Safe HMI tools and building blocks
• Driver distraction
• Driver distraction applications

Part 4 – ADAS 
• Introduction to ADAS
• ADAS technologies
• Passive ADAS
• Active ADAS
• ADAS case studies
• Market view – trends, major players, value chain and prominent solutions

Part 5 – V2X
• V2X principles
• DSRC protocol
• V2I & V2I features
• V2V & V2V features
• V2X security mechanisms
• V2X legislation
• V2X at crossroads – LTE V2X & crowd source solutions
• Market view – trends, major players and prominent solutions

Part 6 –  Autonomous driving
• 6 levels of autonomous driving
• Technologies review
• System review
• Market status review
• Autonomous driving milestones
• Platooning
• Barriers to adaptation
• Ethical and regulatory challenges
• Changing the car use paradigm