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Course Overview

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, SDH, standardized the way information is multiplexed and transmitted over fiber-based Optical Transport Networks. This seminar provides the fundamental basics of PDH and SDH transport networks and protocols. This seminar also provides the background needed to understand more advanced transport topics, such as, how packet data can be carried efficiently over SDH.

Course Outline:

1. General Introduction:

    • The Development of the Communications Network (from fires on mountaintops to Pulse Code Modulation)


2. Introduction to PDH:

  • Time Division Multiplexing – TDM
  • Space and Time Division Switching
  • PDH Protocols: T1 – USA; E1 – Euro/Global
    • Framing
    • Error Detection and Reporting
    • Network Management
    • Multiplex Levels
    • Synchronization

3. Introduction to SDH

  • Optical Ingredients
  • Synchronization and Timing
  • Optical Protocol Framing: STS-1 Frame; STM- Frame

4. Multiplexing:

  • High-Order (HO) Multiplexing
  • Low-Order (LO) Multiplexing
  • KLM Numbering Scheme 
  • Multiplexing PDH into SDH


5. Overheads:

  • RSOH and MSOH
    • Framing and frame defects
    • Section Trace and Trace Mismatch
    • Scrambling
    • Parity Checks and Remote Error   Indication
    • Order wires
    • DCCs – Management Communication   Channels
    • Pointers and Floating HO Payloads
    • Basic Protection Switching
  • High-Order & Low-: HO-POH & LO-POH
    • Path Trace and Trace Mismatch
    • Basic Signal Labels
    • Path Trace Status
    • Protection Switching
    • Pointers, Multi
    • Parity Check and Remote Error Indication
    • framing and Floating LO Payloads

6. Defects, Alarms and Performance Monitoring

7. Practical Examples and Review

8. Summary

9. Glossary