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Course Overview

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WebRTC is a new technology with a potential to disrupt telecommunications and bring with it creativity and innovation. This course provides an introduction of WebRTC, touching it from both technical as well as business sides; providing a broad overview about what WebRTC is, its disruption potential and the ecosystem created around it and its key players.

On-line Training

This Training is delivered as live on-line training, tacking advantage of the E-Learning Technology:
– Everywhere, every time, from you office/home
– ½ day session: No need to stop your project
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Who should attend?

Product managers,Project managers and project leaders, Developers


• Gain basic understanding of WebRTC
• Understand the ecosystem around WebRTC

Course Outline:

Session 1

1. What is (and isn’t WebRTC)

  • History of WebRTC
  • The WebRTC specification
  • Browser support
  • Mobile and WebRTC

2. How does WebRTC compare to other VoIP protocols?

  • Anatomy of a VoIP solution
  • SIP versus WebRTC
  • XMPP or SIP signaling for WebRTC?
  • Interoperability with legacy VoIP deployments

Session 2

3. WebRTC in the non-VoIP world

  • Peer assisted content delivery
  • Low latency messaging
  • Secure search and browsing
  • Gaming and WebRTC

4. Market forces around WebRTC

  • Enterprise vs the Web
  • The WebRTC codec wars
  • To federate or not to federate?
  • Telecom and WebRTC


5. The WebRTC ecosystem

  • 5 archetypes of WebRTC vendors
  • Real-world use cases

6. Wrap-up and Q&A