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Course Overview

Introduction to all Electronic Module Development Variables and there Implication on the product design, for:

  • Relevant Data Collection and Assessment.
  • Ongoing Development Process  Requirements Forecasting.
  • Realistic Expectation setting, from project stuff, department stuff, other entities
  • Infrastructure Definition and Preparation for the Module Design and Production
  • Defining Readiness to Development, Production, Support and Maintenance.
  • Working Processes adjustment/Improvement for Time-To-Market Shortening. 
  • Schedule and Cost Definition

Designed as Brain-storming workshop format, for gainning from the experience of all the participants.



Who should attend?

Electronic/Design Engineer, System Engineers and Development Managers, Configuration and Engineering Managers

Skills Gained: After completing this training, you will be able to:

Improvement and acceleration of the participant adaption process at each new job, by supply the participant with:

  •  Knowledge and tools to define and gain the relevant data which vital for best product implementation, by understanding the data implications on the product design.
  • Optional Methods and Tools for practice improvement.
  •  Improvement of the product infrastructure design and thus reduce the amount of Design/Development versions and “mines” which may accrue (or created) during the product life

Course Outline:

1. Workshop  Motivation

  • Learning Process Features
  • Revision Cost detail

2. Workshop Introduction

  • Transmitter/Receiver Block Diagram
  • Data Scrambling and Encoding
  • Symbols
  • LFPS

3. Electronic Module D/D Considerations – General

  • Core Design Aspects
  • Applicable Standard
  • Market Demands
  • Local Working Formats
  • Limitations

4. Electronic Module D/D Basics

  • Required Specification Definition
  • Configuration, Schedule & Cost Definitions
  • Implementation Origin
  • Overall Design Aspect Integration
  • Design Audit
  • Implementation Definition
  • Available Product & Services Utilization
  • Development Tools / Accessories
  • Dev. Process File and Products

5. Engineering, Production and Assy Considerations

  • Engineering Files
  • Production Filesl
  • Eng. & Production Files Update
  • Isochronous

6. Simulation & Workshop Summary